October 2019 Retreat

The Mountain Solid, Water Reflecting Sangha is hosting the “Cultivating a Mind of Love” retreat with Leslie Rawls on October 31 – November 3, 2019 at the Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN.

What are we nourishing in our daily lives? Are we busy and distracted? If so, this retreat invites us to stop, step aside from our busy lives, and simply rest. Are we cultivating peace and understanding in daily life? If so, this retreat will help us rest and center so those seeds blossom more fully. Although the retreat will be largely in silence, our study and practice will rest on the Buddha’s teachings on mindfulness, particularly mindful consumption through our six senses.

The retreat will include Dharma talks by Leslie, small group sharing, sitting and walking meditation, deep relaxation, and personal practice time. On the last day, Leslie will offer a ceremony to transmit the Five Mindfulness Trainings. All are welcome — newcomers and experienced practitioners.

Registration is closed. View information on retreat.

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